Total production:
from a first idea
to realization

Don’t you worry ‘bout a thing. ARTFX is a one-stop shop, realizing big-scale productions from beginning to end. Say what? Basically, we take matters into our own hands by taking over the complete production process. Our work is built around the 360° model, dividing our services into four phases: the conceptual, pre-production, the production, and the completion phase.

We love it when a plan comes together, but first, we need a plan to start with. In the conceptual phase, we design technical drawings, create 3D visualizations of your concept, and start the site production. By executing a feasibility study, arranging permits, and keeping a sharp eye on the budget, we leave nothing to chance here.

So, all the boxes are checked. During the pre-production phase, we involve our best people and make logistics run smoothly. It’s all about connecting the dots: clearing shipping routes, getting the right people in the right place, and thoroughly structuring the site.

Finally, we are building. Right before and during your event, the production phase takes place. Here we construct your event in no time, in our signature we-got-this manner.

When the party is over, we break everything down: fast and efficiently. For the completion phase, we designed a sustainable and space-saving method to store materials. Rounding up, we focus on aftercare and evaluation, so we learn and improve. We restart the 360°model, translating your vision into reality over and over again.

Site production

We believe that a solid prep is half the battle. That’s why we invest in a good site plan – as a guideline for obtaining permits100% and to ensure visitors’ safety, offering the very best experience. Next, we use this plan to inform various suppliers who enter the site during the build-up and breakdown. Using advanced technology to measure and draw 3D indoor and outdoor locations, we have one goal in mind: elevating the visitor experience.

Technical production

We initiate, execute and optimize the total technical production. To do so, we only work with the best of the best. With our in-house talented, fun-loving people who are just right for the job, we guarantee a smooth and stress-free process – including stage construction, lighting, sound, special effects, video, show control and direction.

Technical drawings

At the foundation of every event lays a technical drawing. Complex sets, bold stages, and tight schedules need detailed drawing work: think schematics, mechanical parts, and assembly drawing. This doesn’t ring a bell? We’ve got you: our technical designers are experts in creating 3D production drawings that precisely align all technical parts of the event. We leave nothing to the imagination here – 2D drawings are our holy grail. It’s how we search for the right materials necessary for your event, how we decide on walking and evacuation routes, and how we best arrange the site.