FC Barcelona

FC Barcelona

For FC Barcelona, we created an immersive exhibition – telling the story of the world-renowned football team. Through the eyes of a grandfather taking his grandchild to its first-ever FC Barcelona game, we discover the origin story, the extensive training of the star players, and the many successes celebrated in the club’s rich history. We get a glimpse of the future, portrayed in many immersive experiences. 

ARTFX took a leading role in making the production tourable. By developing container loading lists, making modular elements transportable in the most space-efficient manner, and working on flawless logistic planning, we elevated the concept of a touring exhibition.


FC Barcelona




Total production
Technical Drawings
Site planning

17 Tourstops in South America – 7 shipping containers
200 crates – 32 projectors – Spanish/Dutch production team
10.000 frequent flyer miles